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In my practice, I draw upon a range of approaches so we can work in the way that best suits you. I believe it's essential you feel comfortable with your therapist, and I offer a safe and empathetic space for my clients. I place importance on the unique cultural backgrounds and individual experiences of my clients. I offer: 

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Parenting Support Programme

The session will last 50 minutes and can be arranged once per week, or at an agreed interval, for as long as required. Counselling can be short term or long term, and we can agree to work towards a particular goal and review how it is going as we progress. 

The therapy can take place online via Zoom, in person, or telephone and I offer a free 20 minute consultation prior to starting our therapeutic relationship. 

Therapist and Patient


If you’re looking for quality Individual Therapy sessions with a certified Psychotherapist that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. I can help you with a range of issues, specialising in anxiety, trauma, abuse, stress, depression, confidence, self-esteem and any other issues that may be affecting you. I help individuals to understand how to shift from their current position and increase their self-awareness in order to bring about positive change. I offer a confidential, down-to-earth, therapeutic safe space for you to explore your feelings and reach your goals.

Couples Therapy


Are you and your partner struggling to connect at the moment? Do you need support with communication issues? Are you just unable to resolve or move past conflict? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider couples therapy. I will provide a non-judgmental, controlled and calm environment in which we can work to resolve some of these issues and improve on those areas of your relationship.



Having worked in Children's Services and Schools for over 20 years, I have vast experience working with families of all dynamics and backgrounds. I am able to work alongside you, to support you to resolve conflict and repair and maintain relationships in the family, and build healthy communication practices. 

Parenting Support Programme 
I also offer a structured weekly programme, that is nationally recognised to support parents who are struggling with their children/young person's behaviour. The aim is to positively change behaviours, and build connections with their children in a non-confrontational manner. 

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